Underfloor Heating - Bournemouth & Home Counties

Underfloor heating is often a more efficient way of heating your house and having no radiators provides extra space and a better aesthetic.

Underfloor heating can be your primary heat source, depending on the insulation efficiency of your property, freeing up wall space that would otherwise have been taken up by a radiator. With a conventional central heating system, where you have radiators, your luxurious tiled or wooden floors will almost always feel cold under foot. Underfloor heating, or radiant floor heating, is an effective way of evenly heating a living space whilst providing cosy comfort and warmth to your feet.

Because underfloor heating works by generating radiant heat from the floor, warmth is distributed evenly around the whole room, unlike a radiator which has to convect heat from a single point.

Our engineers will be happy to assess your property and tailor an underfloor heating system that fulfils your needs, and consider the area of the room and type of flooring to be laid.

Areas Covered: Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton, Portsmouth, Dorset and Hampshire.